Who We Are

Global Market Summits is a business information company. We collaborate closely with leading industry practitioners, our members, who help us to research and develop world-class business-to-business networks and information products that help deliver unrivalled value to the industries and communities we serve. We strongly believe that having access to the right intelligence is crucial to strategising for the future. Our research and analysis are built around the collective knowledge and experiences of hundreds of business leaders and academia’s who make up our community. This has allowed us to support our members in key strategic decisions to collectively move the profession forward. GMS – Connecting People, Accelerating Business.

What We Do

Our specialist expertise and knowledge focus on the global manufacturing industries such as Life Sciences, Hi-Tech, Automotive, Heavy Industry, CPG, Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Oil & Gas and the Renewable Energy Market. Through our multiple platforms – online, in person and on paper we provide quality peer-led information to help our industry communities to meet the demands from an ever-increasingly pressured marketplace. Our business-to-business Talks are small, intimate and take place strictly behind closed doors. We strive to ensure that only the right people come together, like-minded leaders, who are free to share and discuss common interest and challenges under a media free and intimate environment.