Our Talks are designed to bring together market leaders in the field alongside selected executives, which ensures relevance and results. Imagine the ability to deliver the efforts of months of research into the space of a couple of days, creating more inspired and productive results whilst simultaneously reducing strain on business resources.

At our Talks, we select the best executives in the field, to create an atmosphere where you can make the most of networking. When networking at one of our Talks, we ensure that your experience is rewarding by bringing together only those people who provide mutual benefit, resulting in outstanding brainstorming sessions, inspirational ideas and real business deals.


Our Intelligence, Your Growth. Our key priority is to help companies thrive and grow through high quality intelligence, analysis and consensus forecasts they can act on.

We work with senior individuals and teams within companies that provide services to all industry sectors to support their critical service delivery and growth processes that require:

– Market trends and forecasts
– Competitive intelligence
– Performance evaluation
– Strategic advice formulation and strategic planning
– Product lifecycle management
– Risk management and much more


With Global Manufacturing Strategies database of key leaders in these segments, our consultants have access at our fingertips, and many years event marketing and management experience, we provide a consultative, open approach to help you meet your business objectives.

Designed for approximately only 10-15 delegates, with the emphasis on senior, decision-making executives, the Executive Leadership Bespoke Roundtable creates a great peer-to-peer networking opportunity for delegates, whilst maintaining a higher quality of leads for the participating sponsor.

We use our expertise to connect you with quality delegates, resulting in better sales leads.


Running your own user conferences or member events can be extremely stressful. At GMS, we take away all of those stresses for our clients. Our expert in-house team is a one-stop shop taking care of:

These may be one or two days; we run these for our partners globally.

– Member acquisition
– Content & delivery
– Operations & Logistics
– Venue sourcing
– Onsite support
– Marketing collateral and brand awareness

These may be one or two days; we run these for our partners globally.